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Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Center!

All of the Kadampa Buddhist Centers around the world are non-profit, volunteer organizations that function to help the people of the local area spiritually. Volunteering at the Center is such a rewarding and meaningful activity, as the Center itself exists to benefit all living beings! Everyone is welcome to help in whatever capacity fits their availability and abilities. There are many different areas in which volunteers are needed. Training is provided for all volunteer jobs and the only necessary qualification is a wish to help!

By working to improve and organize a Dharma center, we are working for all living beings and we are practicing offering happiness to others.” – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Volunteer Opportunities

Tell Us What You’d Like to do

Water Offerings

These can be done anytime during the day, preferably before Heart Jewel. If you’ve never done them before a Sangha member will happily show you how.

Puja Preparations

Volunteers are needed for buying tsog offerings, setting them up and cleaning up after puja. Offering to the Spiritual Guide happens on the 10th and 25th of each month, and Long Protector Puja happens at and end of each month.

Class Assistant and Registration

The Registration person and Class Assistant arrive about 30 minutes early for class to set up chairs. The person sitting registration greets people as they come in, takes donation, and gives tours to newcomers. The Class Assistant makes announcements and plays the recorded prayers.

Distributing Publicity

Want to spread Dharma? Many people are needed to help distribute publicity. This can be done at anytime. You can take some cards to hang up at your favorite coffee shop, or spend an afternoon putting up lots of flier. There is a need for the creation of publicity routes.