Guru Sumatti Buddha Heruka


Jan 01 2023 Sunday


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Portland | Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka Counting Retreat (Instructions)

At the International Spring Festival, Gen-la Dekyong explained that this mantra is the very essence of the guru yoga of Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka. By reciting this mantra with faith, a pure motivation, and strong conviction in the law of cause and effect, we place very strong potentials within our mind to easily accomplish all spiritual attainments. This is magical!

Everybody is welcome to attend this introduction, even if you aren’t planning on doing this retreat in the near future. You can engage in this retreat at any time, and Venerable Geshe-la encouraged us all to do this retreat at some point, saying this retreat is a wishfulfilling jewel for the development of Kadam Dharma internationally.

This event is also available to those who are allowed to attend classes via livestream.

(In preparation of the counting retreat we are hosting on Saturday, January 14th)


Portland | Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Center
9498 SW Barbur Blvd #101, Portland, OR 97219
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