Center Cherishing DayCenter Cherishing Day


Sep 17 2022 Saturday


11:00 am

Portland | Center Cherishing Day

Hello Everyone – Everything in our new Center has been coming together so well and we are definitely entering a phase of “tweaking”. Now that our Sangha is enjoying this new environment Ingrid and I would like to propose that we come together once a month, inviting anyone who would like to join, for a Center Cherishing Day. This would encompass the following:

Sharing/discussing/deciding on ideas about center improvements:

Gathering input on the center’s operations/process/procedures

Touching up paint/making small fixes

Doing a little housekeeping

Replenishing items in the center

Outside of this once a month meeting we can continue to come up with ideas/innovations for the Center, but we will not make any changes or purchase any items until after this meeting, unless there is a time-sensitive item.

Our first Center Cherishing Day will be Saturday Sept 17th @ 11am


Ahead of this day I will provide highlights of what the focus will be.

Please let Ingrid or I know if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

Lou Ionis               Ingrid Padgalskas
Admin Director     EPC



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