Live Streaming With Kelsang Milob

To let us know that you will be attending our live streamed classes please email us at

Class Fees

These classes are free for members of the MKBC center and of the Eugene branch. If you are unable to pay anything right now, please email us at to let us know you will be attending without payment. Please make a donation in the future when your circumstances change.

Class fees have been reduced due to the financial hardship many are facing right now. If you happen to have the good fortune to remain without financial hardship, please consider paying the usual price to help Dharma continue to flourish in Oregon.

Lunchtime Meditation: $1, Members $0. (Usual price is $5)

Evening Classes: $2, Members $0. (Usual price is $10)

Please Make payment here

Please make payment here: Use the “General Donation” option. It will take you to a secure PayPal page where you can pay either through PayPal or with your credit card.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the center, please go here:

***please note that although classes start promptly at their listed times, you can join late because no one will hear you unless you are unmute your microphone.

How to access classes with Kelsang Milob

Method #1: Through your computer
Click on You will get a few prompts, which you should answer in the affirmative (“OK”, “Accept”, etc.). The very first time you do it, you’ll end up at a prompt for a meeting ID – at that point, you can just come back to this email and click on the link again and you should be taken into the class. (Or if you wish, just type in 453 462 8305 for the meeting ID.)

Method #2: Through your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet
Download the free “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app on your smartphone or tablet
once you’ve installed it, start Zoom
tap Join a Meeting
enter the meeting ID: 831 5480 7628
and password: 433217
tap Join
tap Join with Video or Join without Video – your choice
tap Call using Internet Audio

Method #3: Via a phone call, from any phone
If you have free long distance on your phone plan, you can call in and experience an audio-only version of class. Here’s how:
dial: 1 669 900 9128
when prompted for a meeting ID, enter: 831 5480 7628
when prompted for a password, enter 433217
when asked for a participant ID, just press ‘#’

While in class

Muting yourself
It’s helpful to mute yourself while your just listening, because sometimes our mic may pick up some background noise. On the bottom left of your screen you should see a button to Mute/Unmute yourself. On your phone, you have to tap any place on the screen once to see the buttons.

Showing yourself
No one should ever feel that they’re expected to turn on their camera, each person has total control to turn it on or off before they start the meeting and during it. The Start/Stop Video button is just to the right of the Mute/Unmute button. Feel free to control that however you wish, but I will say that it’s fun to see each others faces, especially in these times when we’re necessarily more isolated.