Prayers for World Peace – Sunday Mornings at Mahasiddha

Every Sunday morning, 10:30am – noon at Mahasiddha (directions)

Upcoming Series

Resident Teacher Kadam Heather Rocklin

Resident Teacher Kadam Heather Rocklin

May 7th: Refuge

June 4th-July 2nd: Freedom from Anger

If anger is not recognized early on it destroys our happiness. These meditation classes will introduce several methods for recognizing, reducing and finally removing this habit from our mind. Class includes guided meditations and lecture.

July 9th-30th: The Four Noble Truths

So many people experience difficulties and problems throughout their lives, but few understand where these challenges are coming from—or how best to respond to them. Buddhist philosophy is based on the “Four Noble Truths”, one of Buddha’s first teachings. The Four Noble Truths function to diagnose the human problem of suffering—and provide accessible, solution-oriented methods to productively respond to unhappiness while building pathways to lasting peace. Come enjoy this series about these fundamental Buddhist tenets and learn how they easily fit into our lives to temporarily and ultimately relieve the inner problems of modern life.

Feel free to drop-in to any class in this series!

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Meditation for Everyone

These classes provide you with tools for dealing with problems, such as stress and fear, and replacing them with positive minds, such as patience and love.

Taught by Resident Teacher Kadam Heather Rocklin, each class includes two guided meditations and a talk on how to use Buddha’s teachings to find inner peace, chanted prayers, and an opportunity to ask questions. Although each class is taught as part of a series, it is also self-contained, so newcomers are always welcome.